Ride and Camp Lobo with Kawasaki Versys Pilipinas/Pinoy Ninja (289km route)

Was fortunate to have been able to join the Ride and Camp Lobo Adventure with Kawasaki Versys Pilipinas through Albert Mungcal who I rode with on and off for about two years now (ever since I was learning how to really ride a motorbike.) 

Being a Versys owner, I was delighted to have joined the dream ride and it was a totally awesome experience riding with the Kawasaki Versys Pilipinas/Pinoy Ninja team

As an outsider prior joining the ride, I saw the KVP/Pinoy Ninja group of something like a pseudo secret society (unlike other motor groups, their group page was closed to the public). I could share though after spending a night and a ride with them, everyone is actually super down to earth, a bit crazy and collectively was a fun accommodating bunch of gentlemen.  (babala: highly skilled and fast riders)

I wasn't able to join their initial morning run to Lobo as I was in Anilao covering the 2018 International Coastal cleanup event of Pier Uno Anilao... headed my way to Ride camp on…

Photo Ride: TAAL Lake Loop (Motorbike Museum, Fantasy World, Bauan Divers Sanctuary Ride- 300km scenic loop)

Sep 8-10, 2018, The Taal Lake Loop is a wonderful scenic route filled with must do stop overs such as a Motorbike Museum in Lemery (Casa Corazon), a quick pass at Fantasy World just right after Tagaytay and gingerly crawl coastal roads and take shots of the milky way and star trails amidst an epic ocean view back drop.

The Trip was actually two trips collapsed into one since both were back to back dive trips (my main line) and my second return got me exploring the backroads of Batangas and Lemery.

Roadside Falls nearby Jariel's Peak

There are actually three waterfalls you can get to via motorbike, two roadside, one tiny 20 footer and another 40 footer  to the left heading out to Quezon from Tanay and finally one at 150+/- feet to the broken bridge to your right which is accessible by a short 10 minute trek

The second fall is a tiny 20 footer, just 1km past the 40 footer, lovely for group shots and bike with falls opportunities
Finally, around 6+/- kilometers more, there's a 150 foot+/- fall to the right of the bridge being constructed. You can view it from the temporary bridge but a short 10-15 minute trek will take you closer, making you appreciate the beauty of the last and final waterfall

Next time you want to enjoy some waterfall photography, a 100km+ ride along Marilaque hiway will yield three fun falls, literally in small, medium and large size. 

Ride Anilao's Highest Peak, Mt. Gulugod baboy

Thursday, August 23, Gage Veridiano sent a late message the day before for a quick ride to Gulugod Baboy, it's the highest point in Anilao Mabini and the 250km round trip quickie ride was definitely one for the books.

I've always heard about Gulugod baboy which was frequented by millenial day trippers and hikers. The road en route to the short summit from Manila requires a pass at slex then star toll and through Batangas and after several towns, you find yourself playing in the twisties with magnificent sea views as you climb up to Gulugod Baboy.

From Manila, we arrived at around 1000am, leaving Petron slex at around 800am. Traffic was as usual crowded in the towns, we could have been there in a little over an hour

To wrap things up, the ride to Gulugod Baboy is an intermediate 250km round trip run from Manila which will treat you to coastal seaviews and cool air once you hit the summit. It's a complete ride, hataw ka na sa Startoll, banking ka pa sa may Mabini, lupet pa …

Ride to Hulugan Falls, Talay and Hidden Falls via Laguna Loop

Sunday, August 5, started out my journey riding with bmw adventure bikes via a batchmate gs owner but decided to do my own thing (huawei phone photography) since midway to their supposed breakfast stop in Quezon, I reckoned it to be another boring chit chat and shoot anyway of just expensive bikes and I anathemized being behind (was instructed to stay at the bottom of the pack, understood this, I really don't mind being behind in any ride, but this was too slow for me after around 70km of tailgating) so just headed out straight to Pagsanjan to catch me some falls.

Right after breakaway, I found myself in Cavinti since Pagsanjan falls by the way is now under the jurisdiction of the Cavinti LGU, which is now rebadged as Cavinti Falls. As kids we always encounter Pagsanjan falls through various academe literature (remember pre internet days). Getting there, I saw the pics posted of Pagsanjan/Cavinti Falls fronting the LGU office and decided this wasn't epic looking enough for a …